About Us

The courtyard surrounded by greenery is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed coffee on your own or share a meal and time with friends.

Crema and Cream was established in 2012 by Gracelyn who holds dear her Sicilian heritage - love of family and friends. Food to an Italian is an expression of love. Gracelyn has vivid memories of sitting around the dining table, sharing a meal and enjoying being together as a family. This same warmth and sense of belonging underpins everything at her café. Everyone is treated like family and made to feel special. To Gracelyn, family is not an important part of life – it is everything. When you walk into Crema and Cream you become family.

We define ourselves as a trattoria, a small Italian restaurant, following southern Italy’s cucina povera or poor man’s kitchen style with a small ever-changing menu utilising the best of seasonal produce. Dining at Crema and Cream is a memorable experience.